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5 alasan untuk menerjemahkan situs web perkemahan atau hotel Anda

If you have a camping or hotel website, it is a good idea to have it translated. There are several reasons why you might want to do this. In this article, we will discuss some of those reasons.

1. It can improve your search engine rankings

Translating your Web site into other languages can improve your search engine rankings. When you translate your website, you also gain access to more keywords that you can target. This means you will rank better in search results, which in turn means you will get more visitors and customers.

2. It can increase your conversions making you more successful

If you translate your website, more people will understand your website. This means you can persuade more people to make a purchase or a reservation. This can increase your sales. In fact, if you only have your website in your own language, you are missing out on a large number of international customers. Translating into other languages will make your website more findable in search engines for people who do not speak your native language or English well, for example. This can increase your number of visitors and get you more bookings. This can help you be more successful with your business.

3. It can increase your brand awareness

If you translate your website, you will reach more people. This means you can increase your brand name recognition. This can help you get more customers.

4. Distribution of visitors throughout the year.

Most hotels and camping in the world, with some exceptions in very special locations, are far from full during the off-season. For some that means winter, for others summer, or perhaps the period after the vacation season, and for still others something completely different, but for all hotels and campsites it means greatly reduced revenues. If you translate your website, you will reach more people in a variety of countries. These countries do not all have the same vacation periods and days off. This creates more spread, which may give you more customers during the quiet times of the year.

5. Less-well English-speaking consumers are less likely to use platforms

Some travelers abroad do not speak the language of your country or speak English very poorly, so they prefer to choose hotels that provide them with all additional information in a language they can fully understand. Booking platforms are often in English and not everyone trusts Google translate for such important decisions on vacation.

What ways are there to improve your hotel- or camping website to translate?

How can I offer my guests the information about my hotel or campsite and other information about the region in multiple languages? Clonable allows you to translate your entire hotel website into dozens of languages. In doing so, you can quickly and easily inform your guests about the destination, your hotel and the area through machine learning translation, combined with the ability to quickly improve it through a front-end editor and replacement rules. All information, including information about prices, rooms, your restaurant or area attractions, is continuously translated automatically and can be provided to your guests in dozens of languages. Clonable thus makes it possible to overcome the language barriers between your campsite or hotel and your customers in the digital world.

How can I offer the online application and booking process in multiple languages?

The technology behind Clonable can translate virtually any Web site quickly and easily without complex and expensive technical modifications. Even forms and tools for requesting and booking rooms can often be easily integrated. For 95% of websites, this is done automatically and without manual effort.

Get a demo of your website translated by Clonable today

Clonable is the perfect all-in-one website translation platform for your hotel or campsite. Request a demo and start translating your website into dozens of other languages today and reach your customers in their native language. Increase your visitor and guest numbers and expand your international presence with just a few clicks powered by machine learning translation.

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