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Why expand your website or webshop abroad?

Are you hesitating whether to expand abroad with your site? In this blog post you will read about the many advantages that expanding can offer. With an ever-growing international e-commerce market, there are many opportunities for Dutch webshops, because Europeans are buying more and more crossborder.

Before making the choice, it is important to understand the buying behavior of the foreign customer. PostNL participates every year in the Crossborder e-commerce shopper survey, conducted by the International Postal Cooperation (IPC). From this comes interesting figures about the European online shopper. 13% of visitors to Dutch online stores come from abroad. This growth is expected to continue: in 10 years, the laws and regulations will be much more harmonized and focused on cross-border business, making ordering something abroad even easier and faster. It is therefore definitely worthwhile to take the step to sell abroad with your webshop. This can of course be done by hiring a translator, having all your content translated, placing it on a newly created site, and translating it every time new content is added. Clonable offers a cheaper and faster way!

Benefits of Clonable

By cloning a site with Clonable you will enter the international market in no time. Instead of hiring a translator, translating all your content and creating a new website, Clonable will provide you with a new, translated website in minutes. What is the importance of a translated site through Clonable?

  • Konsumen lebih suka menyimpan dalam bahasa mereka sendiri
  • Anda dapat memberikan pengalaman pelanggan yang disesuaikan bagi pelanggan dari negara mana pun
  • Anda akan memiliki kesempatan untuk memasarkan produk Anda di pasar internasional yang lebih luas
  • Anda lebih mudah ditemukan di mesin pencari(SEO)
  • Kampanye dan iklan yang lebih efisien di luar negeri

Just cloning your site won't get you there. There are important things to consider. In the EU alone, there are 27 countries: each with their own rules and preferences. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the country you want to reach. Which payment methods are preferred? What is preferred in terms of delivery? Read HERE about different countries and what to look out for.

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