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Clonable Is continuously optimizing its product!

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Clonable is continuously optimizing its product. What can be expected in the near future? Be sure to scroll down to the 'Upcoming features' so you know what to expect. Also check out our desired features

Upcoming features

May 2023

Comments to substitution rules

We noticed that sometimes users do not know what substitution rules are for. Sometimes another user or the Clonable support service created the substitution rule. It is nice if you can attach some kind of label to it, which makes it clear what the rule is for.

Late 2023 / early 2024

Translating text into images

We would like to make it possible to also translate text into images in some cases, to save customers time having to replace images. Meanwhile, we have run some use cases, but this has a lower priority for customers, so its development has been postponed.

End of 2023

Subfolder functionality in addition to Wordpress - cloning on subfolder original domain

Currently, it is common to clone on a new or a subdomain. We also want to offer a subfolder option. Some customers desire this because of their brand building. We are testing now and with a custom solution it is already possible, but there is still a fairly hefty cost for this.

End of 2023

XML feed subscription

Clonable will in all likelihood launch an XML feed subscription, allowing you to have your XML feed translated once or dynamically, as well as allowing replacement rules to increase quality. We also plan to build an editor for this eventually, to make proofreading even easier.

End of 2023

Links with Mijnwebwinkel / CCV Shop /

Clonable will work to build simple translation solution links for certain platforms, in cooperation with those platforms. What order these will be ready is unclear at this time.

End of 2023

character counter (for customers)

To check how many characters a website consists of, we want to expand the character counter we have already built for internal use and make it ready for potential customers.

October 2023

Brazilian Portuguese and American English

We are going to make it possible to choose between different forms of a language. At least for Portuguese for Brazil and for American English.

October 2023


Some clients already know in advance how they want to use certain words in their translations. For them, we will introduce a "glossary" where they can specify their own jargon so that certain words are always translated in the same way.

October 2023

Formal and informal language

In some languages this is very important, e.g. for Germany. It would be good if customers could choose which form of address to use.

October 2023

Enable saving changes

As an agency apply SEO changes to the clone and then modify the same page on the original website? Normally then the SEO changes disappear. We want to prevent this by building in a kind of "lock" for clients. They can save the SEO changes in the translated version even though the original website will change.



Arabic is a desired language for our (potential) customers. This is currently being developed. First tests have gone well.

Late August/September 2023

Translating Javascript and external resources through the browser

In many cases it is less of a problem if content is not translated in the source code, but more importantly it should look well translated to the user. Therefore, we want to make it possible to translate javascript and external sources through the browser. This will make it easier especially for smaller websites and people with less technical knowledge to translate their website.

Beginning August 2023

Wordpress plugin version 2

The Wordpress plugin is being expanded. There will be a script for language switcher integration, so users can install it even faster and easier without technical knowledge. A subfolder functionality will be built in, so the user does not have to do the dns configuration anymore and it will be even easier to use Clonable without technical knowledge. There will also be a link to the Clonable dashboard.

Finished features

July 2023

New Clonable website

Clonable 's website itself was in need of renewal. The new version is faster, clearer and the design and ease of use is tip-top everywhere.

June 2023

New Clonable search engine Site Search

In your clone, the search engine normally searches in the original language. This is not problematic with a clone in the same language, but quite annoying in another language. We have developed a solution for this within Clonable.

In addition: if the customer uses a search module that works on the basis of a feed (such as Doofinder, Sooqr, etc.) then this works seamlessly with Clonable. This is often the case with webshops.

May 2023

Comments to substitution rules

We noticed that sometimes users do not know what substitution rules are for. Sometimes another user or the Clonable support service created the substitution rule. It is nice if you can attach some kind of label to it, which makes it clear what the rule is for.

Late March

New registration process

To make it even easier for customers to sign up, we are greatly improving and simplifying the signup process. For example, it will also be possible to register a domain at Clonable, after which all the settings for that international domain will be ready to create a Clone immediately. This way, customers no longer have to deal with the DNS change process if they want to.

December 2022

Daily check if page is still live

If customers change their DNS records, the clone website may go offline without them even noticing. We want to build in a signal for this.

December 2022

new dashboard url translations

Urls translation could be better. The visitor now has an overview of all translated urls and can also easily edit them manually.

November 2022

Smaller package X

For customers with smaller or fairly static websites, we have added a small 'do it yourself' package. For € 15 you can get started yourself with Clonable, without support and you can buy additional characters whenever you want. The character price is much higher though.

October 2022


We have added Korean as a language you can translate to and from. Because it is not a Latin or Cyrillic language, we give a little less guarantee of its translation quality. We will find out more about this through testing.

February 2023


We have added Norwegian as a language you can translate to and from.

October 2022


We have added Ukrainian as a language you can translate to and from.

October 2022

placeholder page when creating new clones

To ensure a more professional look, we created a placeholder page during clone creation. This refreshes itself until the clone is ready.

October 2022

Affiliate program

We are building an affiliate program to ensure that partners can refer customers and receive an attractive commission for doing so.

October 2022

Conversion tracking

To ensure that customers can apply conversion tracking, a functionality was built into Clonable to enable this....

September 2022

character counter (internal use)

To check how many characters a website consists of, we have built a character counter, which can detect with a small margin of error whether a website contains 400,000 or e.g. 1.5 million characters. This makes it easier to choose a subscription for the client.

Late March/early April

Language switcher

Many customers ask about adding flags / a country selector. We are now incorporating this option, so customers can easily add a language switcher to their website and their clone website via a script.

Late April

Dynamic feeds

Webshop customers who use our XML translation module indicated that they would like to have a dynamic feed function, which refreshes the XML feed every day or week with new translations. This has since been realized.

XML feeds are updated if this is enabled:

  • User can choose how often XML feed updates (versus additional fees)
  • Customers can set a monthly budget for an XML feed
  • When a budget is reached, customers receive a notification about it
  • Customers can see the different quota of feeds on the usage and billing page.
  • Support for larger feeds, up to and including 50MB

Late March

preview clones

Customers will be able to easily create their own preview clone with a limited number of translated characters.

August 2022

how many days until the new month arrives

From now on, the customer's dashboard will show when the customer will have his or her monthly credit of characters available again. That way, the customer can more easily decide whether or not to add content or decide to buy additional characters.

August 2022

url translations in XML feeds

Urls in XML feeds will also be translated from now on.

July 2022

Turkish and Indonesian

We have added Turkish and Indonesian as languages you can translate to and from

July 2022

major editor update

  • Overview of all changes made to the clone
  • Overview of all changes per translation
  • Overview of all SEO changes
  • Changed the styling of dialog boxes so they look the same on every clone
  • Adjusted the styling of the buttons in the editor so that they are changed as little as possible with each clone
  • Put the editor buttons in a pop-up dialog for clearer overview
  • Added way to adjust button positions for easier editing

June 2022

Creating white space

Personalization of styling and editor.

June 2022

Word lists for changing texts

  • New tab for word lists on the substitution rules page (text replacements).
  • Search field and pagination for easy word search.
  • Confirmation for deleting words.
  • One or more words can be replaced at once.
  • Rules automatically adopt capitalization. Thus, only one rule is needed to replace capitalized and uncapitalized words.
  • Rules can be set to be case sensitive. Automatic capitalization is then also disabled.
  • Rules can be reversed when a rule is deleted.
  • When a fragment is edited with the editor to which a rule applies, that rule is not reversed for that fragment.
  • For new translations, rules are applied in the order of addition.
  • Text replacements apply only to translated excerpts.
  • Text replacements are applied before regular substitution rules.

June 2022

Partners in dashboard

Our cooperating partners, such as PostNL, will have a place in our dashboard. The intention is that all kinds of other e-commerce services that are of interest will be listed here to ensure that customers can quickly and easily improve their website or webshop.

June 2022

Image Editor

For replacing images, the editor can now be used as well.

  • Creates image replacement rules when an image is replaced.
  • Detects when an existing rule is modified.
  • Detects when a rule is reversed and then deletes it.
  • Detects when a user tries to create the same rule twice and will then suggest using the substitution rules.
  • On some sites the button does not work properly. It is then (almost) not visible or the underlying button also handles its action which can result in changing the page.

April 2022

Umpan XML

It is also possible with Clonable to translate your site's XML feeds. XML feeds are usually shopping feeds. This allows your products to be found on Google shopping, for example.

April 2022

Magento plugin

Magento generally works flawlessly with Clonable without any special modifications.

February 2022

WordPress plugin

For WordPress, you can easily add language tags by installing and configuring our plugin with the following data. If you need to add or remove language tags (because you already have them on your site in another way, for example), you can simply edit the JSON data.

February 2022

Purchases 'additional bundles of translation characters'

To ensure that customers do not run out of translation characters with smaller subscriptions, we want to introduce 'translation bundles'. For example, you can buy 100,000, 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 characters.

January 2022


Since 07-01-2022, MijnWebwinkel is better supported so that previously untranslated elements such as filters and text on the checkout are now also translated properly.

November 2021

Live editor

A what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for modifying translations and elements of your clone. This way, it is possible to make adjustments by simply clicking on what you want to change on the page. This also makes it even easier to have a native proofreader make adjustments while he or she scrolls through the site.

August 2021

Urls automatic translation

Previously, urls had to be translated via uploads. Now this is no longer necessary. The urls are automatically translated for clones in other languages. There are also options to customize the urls.

August 2021

Translate XML

XML translation is made possible. This is for example very useful for keeping track of product feeds and for creating special search engines.

End of July 2021

From Hungary to Japan

Own Clonable site cloned to many languages/countries... practice what you preach!

End of July 2021


Until recently, translating JSON was not possible. We have now reached the point where this is possible. This feature is currently in beta, since we don't know yet if there will be any problems.

Beginning July 2021

Translate URLs via upload function

Through a scraper, we can locate, translate and upload all urls on your website. Later this year there will be an automatic translation function of all urls, so that even when you add a new page the URL will be automatically translated.

June 2021

5 minutes

and feature was built so that any employee of Clonable could generate a foreign website as a demo within 5 minutes. This feature allowed many people to be convinced more quickly of the usefulness of Clonable.

January - June 2021

Knowledgebase and website

In the first months of 2021 we worked hard to get the site up and running. With the creation of an extensive knowledgebase for our customers, informative videos, explanations, etc.

August 2020


The name Clonable is born...

December 2019


First version of the dashboard is put online, so customers could start working with it.

Desired features

Metatitle imports

We want to make SEO in Clonable even easier. With a metatitle import for example.

Crossborder SEO keyword research

Clonable wants the foreign websites to be as successful as possible. So we also want to start offering SEO keyword analysis, in combination with external partners. So that the start abroad will be as smooth and smart as possible.

Pages not translated

Some pages you may not want to translate at all. It would be nice if you could upload those, and indicate if you do want certain other blocks on those pages translated. Like the footer, header, etc.

Tags per block to not translate certain content

Some text, as a website, you may not want to translate. We want to be able to use simple tags to ensure that customers can set this up.

Notifications about substitutions that are no longer active

Sometimes there are rules that are no longer active because the website has changed. Would be desirable to make sure there is a signal in the dashboard that some rules have become unnecessary

Spider option for customers

Customers who add a lot of content, we want to enable them to ensure that the foreign content is spidered once in a while via a robot, so that those pages are also translated and indexed directly.

Making editor changes also possible in mobile editor

Now the editor is only available for desktop viewing.

Proofreader platform

We want to build a proofreader platform, where proofreaders can profile themselves and where Clonable clients can hire them for all kinds of jobs.

SPA and PWA translate

We would like to be able to translate these technologies as well.

Ability to undo delete actions

When creating and changing substitution rules, the change does not always bring the desired result. Then it would be nice if the client could restore the old rules.

Legal functionalities

Clonable would like to make it easier for customers to prepare legally necessary documents, such as general terms and conditions, etc. in order for different countries.

SEO rewrite ideas obtain via AI such as ChatGPT

It would be a good feature to be able to rewrite/customize the translated content via use of ChatGPT or something similar. That this AI software starts giving suggestions for certain translated texts. This could be to improve SEO, but also, for example, to be able to pick out weird translations earlier.